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About us

Our company is located ca 20 km from Pilsen in Veselá u Rokycan. The beginnings date back into 1990 when we started to make our way as a family company on the field of woodworking. Gradually, for the reason of production extension, the company was moved to a former collective farm area. Nowadays, the company’s main purpose is the production of wooden packaging in the form of various types of pallets, crates and transport constructions.

At 4th July 2001, the company was registered under the business name


There are largely wooden products, that serve to protect goods and also for its transport or storage. These products are mainly pallets of various types, crates, wooden constructions, modified balks, boards, etc. The main raw material for production is coniferous wood. Among the most frequent wood belong spruce and pine. Furthermore, we manufacture combined products where e.g. wood chipboards, plywood, oriented strand boards, or plastic foils are used. The company is focused, and accordingly equipped, primarily for the production of atypical packaging and pallets suitable for customer’s goods transport in particular.

We offer production and delivery of packaging our clients, that will suit their requirements. Thanks to many years’ experience we can advise the customer with a suitable product choice. We also offer the option of safety stock at our place. Above all, this variant is suitable for companies, that are not able to store a large amount of e.g. pallets for the reason they fully use their space. Currently, we owe two trucks with a load of 7,5t and thanks to it we can be more flexible when delivering goods on demands. An integral part of our services is also heat treatment of material based on ISPM15 standard, often called IPPC, which is needed for export into some countries for the reason of pest control.

We realize orders from a few pieces up to full trailer deliveries. Our partners are large – international companies as well as small businesses with various production focus. We operate on the Czech and German market. You can find our packaging in Europe, America or Asia, where our customers mostly export to.